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We hereby clarify the situation regarding product certifications in accordance with the new standard EN124-2: 2015.

The new edition of the UNI EN 124 “Crowning and closing devices for road shafts” was published in June 2015. The new standard introduced important innovations and was divided into 6 parts in order to also take into account the new ones materials on the market: part 1, more general, is dedicated to definitions, classification, general design principles, performance requirements and test methods, the other parts of the standard concern manhole covers made with different families of materials (defining for each specific tests and requirements to be met); for crowning and closing devices in cast iron, reference is made to part 2.

The transition period (coexistence between the two old and new regulations) ended on March 31, 2017; this means that all manhole covers and cast iron hatches produced after March 31st 2017 must comply with the new UNI EN 124-2: 2015 standard as specified in attachments 1 and 2 (official communication on headed paper signed by IGQ).
It will be possible to market compliant and certified products according to the old EN124 only if manufactured before March 31st 2017.

Since January 2016, all manhole covers and drains with the FERB brand have obtained product certification in compliance with UNI EN 124-2: 2015 by the national certification body accredited by IGQ.

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