CPR compliance cables

The CPR provides a new mandatory language to express the fire performance of construction products.

All cables used in any type of building and civil works are subject to the CPR unless they are specifically designed for temporary installations. Control and power circuits inside machinery, or elevators, are not subject to the CPR.

The CPR specifies the reaction to fire and release of dangerous substances performances of cables.

All other characteristics remain unaffected.


The Declaration of Performance DoP is a document drawn up for every product covered by the CPR which:

  • identifies the product and the manufacturer
  • its intended use
  • its essential characteristics as given by its harmonised Product Standard, including the Fire Performance class
Cable type CPR Performance Class DoP No
J-Y(ST)Y Eca EC20170008
A-2Y(L)2Y Fca EC20170019
A-2YF(L)2Y Fca EC20170020
J-H(ST)H Dca-s1a,d2,a1 EC20170011
J-H(ST)H 2X2X0.8 Cca Cca-s1b,d1,a1 EC20170092
J-H(ST)H 4X2X0.8 Cca Cca-s1b,d1,a1 EC20170116
JE-Y(ST)Y Eca EC20170009
J-2Y(ST)Y Eca EC20170012
YCYM Eca EC20170014
HCHM Eca EC20170016
YR Eca EC20170029
This list is only indicative of the CPR certified cables range