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Cables for telecommunications systems

ECOTECH s.r.l. acquires the Voltarrosto and Notaresco plants between October and November 2007.
Between January and June 2008 the organizational structure of ECO.TEL. S.R.L. is gradually strengthened, becoming an approved supplier to the major users of telecommunications cables, both nationally and internationally and, moreover, to Certification Institutes.
ECOTECH S.R.L. , also in this year, acquires all the production plants located in the Roseto degli Abruzzi plant.
Since 2012, investments have continued for production plants in the FIBER OPTIC CABLE area.



1500000 Km

Copper Cables

2000000 Km

Optic Fiber


Our Production Sites

The Roseto degli Abruzzi, Voltarrosto and Notaresco plants have operated according to the rules of an Integrated Quality & Environment Management System, certified by R.I.N.A.
▪ Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001, from 03-1993
▪ Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001, from 05-2001

ECO.TEL s.r.l. has reorganized all company activities, obtaining the certification:
Quality System, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, in December 2008
Environmental Management System, in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, in March 2010

Ecotel - Gruppo Ecotech - Chi Siamo - Certificazione RINA
Ecotel - Gruppo Ecotech - Chi Siamo - Roseto degli Abruzzi

Total area: 33,810 m2 of which 14,600 m2 covered.

Two factories are located in this area: the larger one, where the production of copper cables began in the seventies and is still operational, and a second, more modern one, where the new plants for the production of copper cables are installed.

In addition to the production plants there are: a laboratory for electrical and transmission tests on copper cables; a laboratory for transmission and dimensional tests on optical fibers and mechanical and environmental tests on optical fiber cables.
There is also a fully equipped chemical and technological laboratory for research and development on materials and cables and for Quality Control.

There are several loading and unloading areas and large spaces dedicated to storage for reels awaiting shipment.

Ecotel - Gruppo Ecotech - Chi Siamo - Notaresco

Total area: 22,750 m2 of which 8,011 m2 are covered.

This site, started up in the 1990s, produces cables with copper conductors for internal systems and for long-distance networks.

Manufacture, packaging, storage and shipment of copper telephone cables: outdoor, indoor, XDSL cables, etc.

Ecotel - Gruppo Ecotech - Chi Siamo - Voltarrosto

Total area: 2,600 m2 of which 1,015 m2 covered.

This site, started up in the 1980s, produces cables with low potential copper conductors for user connections and permutation.

Manufacture, Packing, Storage and Shipping of Copper Telephone Wires: Drop Wire, Patch Wire, Subscriber etc.