Socket with splitter

New unified telephone socket version with ADSL / VDSL filter

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This telephone socket includes a complex impedance POTS-Splitter filter, complete with positive temperature coefficient (PTCR) resistors and RC unit, the latter can be disabled. This type of socket is used indifferently as primary or secondary and allows to carry out simultaneously, and without having to add further accessories, both the audio connection and the data transmission connection via VDSL.

At the rear of the sockets there are two-position IDC-type polarized connectors each that allow conductors from 0.4 to 0.6 mm in diameter to be connected. The correct closing of the IDC connectors is ensured by plastic slides which also preserve the accidental opening of the connector during the wiring and re-access operations.

In particular, on the back of the user socket with VDSL splitter there are a total of 3 connectors, where one is used for the attestation of the wires coming from the control unit and is called “LINE”, a second connector that allows the signal to be extended mixed VDSL towards the secondary sockets of the home unit and called “ADSL / VDSL” and a third party that allows you to extend only the speech signal in the secondary sockets of the customer’s home, called “POTS”.


This type of socket can be easily installed both on 8 x 8 cm square boxes and on UNI 503 type boxes.

For installation in an 8 x 8 cm square box, the following are provided:
n ° 2 wood screws 3 x 40 mm

For installation in UNI 503 box (recessed or cantilevered):
n ° 2 wood screws 3 x 40 mm
2 screws for support center distance 3.3 x 19 mm


Main body, rear cover, internal frame, square mask, rectangular mask, two adapter wings, two spacers, made of white ABS thermoplastic material.

Product code: 705814


New Unified Telephone Socket (NPTU) with and without filter for ADSL / VDSL (896) – STOAEAD02262 – Rev. 0 – 05/10/2011

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