Joint Cover

Dura-Trac Joint Cover

The DURA-TRAC re-enterable joint cover has been designed to protect the joints on overhead cables from bad weather and humidity while allowing quick re-access for subsequent interventions.
The gel heads prevent the direct entry of water and dust into the joint cover; any water that has penetrated through the cracks normally present on the cable sheath is drained quickly thanks to the closure system specially designed to allow it to escape. The particular corrugated shape of the DURA-TRAC also increases the heat exchange surface, significantly reducing the time required to eliminate residual moisture.

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The major advantages in using this system compared to traditional joint covers are:

  • extremely simple installation that does not require any special tools; the preparation consists only in cutting the gel heads to size, an operation that is carried out on the ground with a normal pair of scissors;
  • complete re-accessibility and reusability; the reoperation takes place without using any tools and the operator has both hands free;
  • it is not necessary to replace the joint cover with a new one.

The raw materials and accessory components are carefully selected, the quality of the product is continuously checked and documented with severe mechanical, climatic, electrical and chemical tests.