IDC Box in Pole

10-pair distribution and protection box for outdoor installation, internally equipped with a compact termination module with insulation displacement connection technology on the cable side and with screw terminal on the user side.

The container consists of a base body made of gray thermoplastic material, designed for attachment to a wall and pole, with the removable lower part (bulkhead) set up for the entry of the cable, cables and earth collector. The lid, hinged at the top with an interlocking closure on the base body, is kept raised in the open position.

The product can be used for the distribution of plastic insulated cables with a capacity of 10 pairs, with a diameter of copper conductors from 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm on the cable side, and of user cables with a conductor diameter of 1 mm. and 0.6 mm.

It is also possible to obtain protection from overvoltages by means of a three-pole type 10-pair Gas-Ceramic (GDT) unloader device, which can be inserted on the disconnecting contacts of the compact external termination module.

Gruppo Ecotech - Durate - Prodotti - Accessori di Rete - Box IDC a Palo 1

Mechanical protection degree: IP43
Weight: 1kg (approx)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 18x10x9 cm

The plastic material making up the box also has the following main characteristics:

  • UV resistance,
  • resistance to thermal excursions,
  • resistance to heat and chemical attack,
  • dimensional stability,
  • good dielectric characteristics,
  • self-extinguishing fire reaction.

Download distribution-and-protection-box-10-pairs