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The Company

The Company

Gruppo Ecotech - Cometi - Azienda

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The Company

The original COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE TIBERINE dates back to the early 1960s when some enterprising local entrepreneurs decided to combine their creativity and their desire to do business to be an active part in the dynamic growth of Italy in those years.

Since then many years have passed and the initial propulsive thrust based on inspiration and enthusiasm has gradually passed to an efficient industrial organization, to a development based on studies and research and to an increasingly increased automation of production without however neglecting or forget that part of craftsmanship flexibility that allows us to dedicate ourselves to even the most particular customer requests, thus being able to offer a product that is truly tailored to the customer.
The experiences and innovations successfully launched in the national market have then progressively made it possible to broaden the horizons and to start operating with identical success in world markets until reaching initially unthinkable areas such as the Far and Middle East, Africa etc.

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The initial name was then changed to CO.ME.TI. while the field of activities from the original sector of railway vehicles was then extended to shelters and booths for telephony and other equipment up to the technical / production synergies also to surface treatment plants.

Naturally, the attention to innovation and technology as well as to environmental issues could not fail to lead to a commitment in the renewable energy sector and clearly in the most appropriate field based on know-how: shelters and cabinets for housing electrical equipment of photovoltaic systems!
The current company staff is structured in such a way as to allow each aspect of the sectors covered by the Company to be addressed independently, whether they concern structural, electrical or even thermodynamic designs, all in line with the dictates of quality (ISO 9001: 2000) and the environment (ISO 14000).
A company that is always projected towards the future but at the same time tailored to its customers in order to offer not only products but solutions and service.