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Cometi S.r.l. is an important manufacturer of shelters for housing equipment with high technological content and thanks to the experience and professionalism gained over the years it has managed to develop specific products also dedicated to renewable energy sources such as the photovoltaic sector.

Shelter & Cabinets

Cometi S.r.l. is an important manufacturer of shelters and cabinets for housing high-tech equipment for telecommunications, oil and gas, photovoltaic sector and control systems.


In 2007 Cometi S.r.l. radically reorganized the corporate structure for the spray booth sector and strongly renewed all the management responsible for this sector.

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About Us / Services

Cometi boasts decades of experience in the industrial prefabrication sector and thanks to the technological know-how and skills acquired over time, it has been confirmed on the market as a leading company in the production of metal products such as SHELTERS, GARITTE, CABINS and CLOSET for housing of equipment with high technological content, in the various sectors of application.


Application Sectors

Thanks to the certified quality of our products, the considerable company flexibility, the rigorous controls in the testing phase and the efficient technical assistance service, we have the possibility to turn to a very vast market which includes the following main application sectors which represent an important commercial outlet for our production range

Optic Fiber




Signaling Equipment

Renewable Energies

Power Conversion

Oil & Gas

Continuity Groups

Environmental Analysis



Objective and Developments since the arrival of Ecotech

The experiences gained over the years and the development of new technical solutions successfully launched on the market have always represented the basis for allowing COMETI to broaden its horizons in the future, hoping to achieve ever more important goals.

Joining the Ecotech Group in 2015 allowed Cometi to have greater visibility in order to consolidate the relationship with historical customers and at the same time implement new forms of medium and long-term collaboration aimed at expanding our sectors of interest.

Consequently, joint commercial initiatives were also undertaken with new companies both nationally and internationally. In addition to the advantages obtained in the commercial and strategic fields, the entry into the Ecotech group led to a profound technological renewal in tangible fixed assets, machinery and equipment directly functional to production, as well as intangible ones, company PCs and software to support company management. These investments have led to significant improvements in terms of increased productivity in all company divisions, favoring a real technological and IT transition.

Among them, the acquisition of 2 hydraulic press brakes brand COLGAR, 2 punching systems Trupunch 3000 brand TRUMPF HOMBERGER (of which one complete with automatic sheet metal loader), 1 Panel bender model XLTbend RAS 71.30, deserve mention. REINHART brand, as well as a new Microsoft Navision management software, new SOLIDWORKS licenses for design drawing and 3D modeling; all this with the aim of increasingly pushing efficiency and innovation, sustainability in the development of new products and the related engineering for production.